Whаt Tо Knоw About The FTTP Рrоgrаm

Stock Market is one of the major sources of passive income. There are so many things you can do with the income earned through the Stock Market. You can manage the small expenses, pay off college fees, purchase resources, repay your overdue loans(if any) and even buy big properties.
Investing in Stock Market seems difficult at first, but it isn’t as difficult as it seems. Once you have learned the basics, it will be easy for you to earn profits. Many people don’t even start investing fearing that they will lose their money. It’s true to some extent, because people who invest without knowledge actually lose their money. What these people don’t understand is, before investing any amount of money they have to understand the basics and fundamentals of the market.
If investing was actually this hard, no one would ever put their money in stocks. People would have saved their money instead. But saved money can’t give you as much returns as the Stock Market. Earning without learning in the Stock Market is always difficult.
In order to teach you everything about the Stock Market and also to make you a professional trader, Sanbun Investments offers a Full Time Trader Program, FTTP.
In FTTP, Mr. NISHAAN SINGH guides you, teaches you, and mentors you, to become an expert in trading. All of your doubts and queries will be handled personally. We will not only teach you how to earn money through trading, but also the basic pyschology that plays an important part in buying and selling. Not only this, we also teach you so many trading techniques, so that you can earn money in different conditions.
These days, when most people are looking for jobs, you will be able to earn income sitting at home. You need only two things:
  1. An internet connection
  2. A laptop or smartphone
Full Time Trading gives you a sound career. Apart from money, it can give you personal freedom, financial independence, and a good lifestyle. If you want to learn trading, learn it with a trader, not a trainer.
You’re a graduate? You can join FTTP.
A businessman? You can join FTTP.
An employee? You can join FTTP.
Even if you’re a college going student, you can still join FTTP.
FTTP is available for everyone. In this program you will learn each and everything about the Stock Market. Just learn and practice with dedication, and soon you’ll be trading like a professional.
The Outline for the course which is designed with 8 modules covering each and every aspect of stock market trading with the help of naked price action chart reading(no indicators)
FTTP can be useful for you as the basics of the stock markets and explained by Mr. Nishaan Singh from the scratch the very
1st MODULE deals with the PRICE ACTIONS and as well as the STATE MANGEMENT with price action and why it is the SUPREME in the market as well as he also tells his golden strategy which is NS10.
2nd MODULE deals with the PSYCHOLOGY OF VARIOUS STOCKS as well as the DISCIPLINE which should be maintained by a professional trader.
3rd MODULE deals with the money management like how to deal with your profits as well as what retailers are thinking because of which they are making losses regularly and how you can avoid that.
4th MODULE deals with the FUTURES, how to use the leverage as well as the future setups and as well as the 5th MODULE deals with the OPTIONS BUYING and OPTION SELLING setups .
6th MODULE deals with the OPTION WRITING.
7th MODULE comes up with some extra strategies which is regarding SWING TRADING as well as the VIX RATIO and 3:15 PM GOLDEN RULE about hedging
From 4th MODULE you would be trading with Mr Nishaan Singh copying the trades he follows so that you can learn what psychology he focus on as well as his setups. So that you end up with knowledge as well as practical too.
This was a short description of FTTP for more details you can schedule a call with us https://bit.ly/3hk0xt8

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